My Fav Current Trends

Hello everyone!

It’s been a long while since I last posted a blog and I thought why not finish the year with one! For 2019 my goal is to improve my content massively and be more active on my social media accounts.

There are so many trends at the moment which I’ve been following, and I wanted to share some of my favourite ones with ye…

  1. Leather: I’ve been gravitating to literally everything leather recently. I think its sooo timeless and can be styled in various ways… So many clothes items are available in cream leather which is one of my favourite colours at the moment too. I picked up a dress this colour in Zara Recently and I simply paired it with a black polo neck and a snake print jacket which is also MASSIVE in the fashion world at the moment. I also picked up a leather shirt from Zara which is very western and vintage inspired. I paired this shirt with a pair of skinny leopard print trousers from H&M which looked really well together, if I do say so myself… Leather is a trend that will never go out of fashion and I think every girl needs a basic leather jacket and trousers in their wardrobe!
    Zara Cream Leather Dress €29.99.

    Leather Shirt from Zara €19.99.
  2. Slip Dress/Skirt: I’ve been a huge fan of slip dresses and skirts recently and am forever buying them!! I think they are so versatile and stylish yet still so comfortable. They can look so cute paired with chunky knit jumpers or a simple plain black polo underneath. In saying that, they can look fab dressed up for a night out with a pair of heels.

    Slip Dress form Pennys €16.
  3. Pearls: For me, I’ve always found that pearls tend to be associated with designer and expensive brands! Thankfully, they are now being brought to the high streets and I’m obsessed!! Real or not, they make an outfit very classy and very feminine. Zara have been killing the game with amazing jumpers with pearl cuffs, pearl earrings and dresses.
  4. Vinyl: I think the vinyl trend is very two-sided, you either love it or hate it. For me it’s a must! A pair of vinyl leggings can really make an outfit funky and cool.
  5. Hair Clips: I’ve recently cut my hair short and I’ve been looking for various accessories to style my hair with. There is currently a massive trend of oversized clips and I absolutely adore it. Some of my favourite Instagram pages sell these amazing clips. Deluxe Chockers @deluxechockers have amazing Chanel and Dior style clips and you can even design your own. It’s so hard to find nice slides and I’ve stumbled across some amazing vintage Burberry ones from a shop called Sik Gal @sikgallondon.

That’s all from me from 2018! Thank you all and the amazing brands for the continued support as this is only the start for me.. Happy New Year’s everyone x

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